Doors are opening and closing for the seminar in May

Ela RiegerByEla Rieger

Doors are opening and closing for the seminar in May

The door to apply for the “CZT-Europe #1 Scholarship” has closed, and the “waiting list” door has opened.

It’s so exciting – the first day of CZT-Europe Seminar #1 is drawing closer, and our anticipation is growing.

Yesterday was the deadline to apply for a scholarship for CZT-Europe # 1. We’ve received many wonderful applications, and now we’ll sit down together, go over them intensively, and make a decision. Given the unusual personal circumstances, moving stories, and exciting ideas we encountered in these applications, it will be no easy task.

Thank you so much for your applications! We’ll let you know our decision in March.

In the very near future, visitors to our event page will find a new booking option. A waiting list will be opened for the May seminar – the seminar is just about full.

If you have your heart set on attending to the seminar in May, you should still definitely sign up! A lot could happen in the coming weeks and you may very well still get a slot. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm.

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