ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted May 21, 2019

Welcome CZTs from CZT-Europe 1

The first bilingual (German/English) CZT Semianr in Europe has taken place and the wonderful outcome is that there are now 79 new CZTs in Europe and the world.
HURRAH, and welcome! Do good things!….(And have fun!)

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ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Posted Apr 8, 2019

CZT Day & Reunion – Now open for registration

We are pleased to announce that this special event for only CZTs is now open for registration. For the first time, Rick, Maria, Martha and Molly will join the three of us from Conzentric to teach a day-long seminar.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Mar 9, 2019

Appreciating detail

Hotel Monopol was built in 1905 in a neoclassical style and is a protected historical monument. One of the reasons we are happy to be hosting the 2019 CZT-Europe seminars here is because of the nice architectural and design details that originate from that period. Since I started tangling, I not only notice artistic detail more, I also look at them more closely. I recognize patterns similar to the tangles I use in my Zentangle art, I find potential for new tangles, and I discover new ways of combining patterns. Oh, and sometimes I just admire them!

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ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Posted Mar 2, 2019

Fun-Project: Tangling UGG Boots

When we sit together as the Conzentric team, we also do a few “fun” projects. Like tangling on Katharina’s UGG boots.

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ByEla Rieger Posted Feb 24, 2019

Doors are opening and closing for the seminar in May

The door to apply for the “CZT-Europe #1 Scholarship” has closed, and the “waiting list” door has opened.

ByEla Rieger Posted Jan 29, 2019

The circle is coming to a close for CZT-Europe #1

It seems like it was just yesterday when, at the end of November last year, we opened our 2019 CZT-Europe seminars for registration. The weeks since then have really flown by, and registrations for our seminars have been coming in at a steady pace. If you are still thinking about attending, we want to let you know: there aren’t that many slots available for CZT-Europe Seminar #1 in May.

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ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Posted Jan 25, 2019

Apply for a scholarship

There will be partial scholarships available for the upcoming 2019 CZT-Europe seminars. Inspired by the Zentangle Foundation and its support of offering scholarships to attend CZT training, we will also be offering scholarships for our CZT-Europe seminars. In collaboration with Zentangle, Inc. we will offer one scholarship per seminar in 2019 to cover a portion of the seminar fees.

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ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Posted Jan 18, 2019

Your Zentangle Spinner as a color wheel

We’ve been doing a lot of work on the Zentangle spinner. By adding German and English subtitles to the videos we feel very connected to this Project Pack #4 and despite all the preparation for the CZT Europe seminars, which requires a lot of logical thinking and multitasking, we remain true to our creative processes. Because that is the power and the motivation for us to get these seminars off the ground.

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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Posted Jan 12, 2019

Conzentric Meeting at Ammersee

For Conzentric’s first business meeting in 2019, Ela and I travelled to Ammersee an Dießen, where Katharina lives. Katharina lives near Munich, Ela near Stuttgart and I live near Frankfurt, so we take turns hosting our monthly meetings at one of our homes. As I made my way south, the snow on the ground kept getting deeper. When I got off the train in Dießen, it was snowing, a phenomenon we haven’t seen in Frankfurt for a year and half.

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ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Posted Dec 21, 2018

Holiday Greetings with the Zentangle Spinner

Happy Holidays to all of you! We hope you enjoy this special season and maybe even find some peaceful hours for tangling amidst the holiday bustle. Maybe you also did Project Pack 04 and now have a freshly filled spinner in front of you, waiting to be put to use.

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