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Wir bieten CZT Schulungen in Europa - in Kooperation mit den Gründern der Zentangle Methode. Mehr Details hier.


Lerne mehr über Zentangle, seine Gründer und alle Vorteile der Zentangle Methode.


Lerne die Menschen hinter Conzentric kennen und finde heraus, wie wir die CZT Seminare nach Deutschland gebracht haben

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CZT-Europa Seminare

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ByEla Rieger Jan 29, 2019

The circle is coming to a close for CZT-Europe #1

It seems like it was just yesterday when, at the end of November last year, we opened our 2019 CZT-Europe seminars for registration. The week...

ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Jan 25, 2019

Apply for a scholarship

There will be partial scholarships available for the upcoming 2019 CZT-Europe seminars. Inspired by the Zentangle Foundation and its support ...

ByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb Jan 18, 2019

Your Zentangle Spinner as a color wheel

We've been doing a lot of work on the Zentangle spinner. By adding German and English subtitles to the videos we feel very connected to this ...

ByJennifer Hohensteiner Jan 12, 2019

Conzentric Meeting at Ammersee

For Conzentric's first business meeting in 2019, Ela and I travelled to Ammersee an Dießen, where Katharina lives. Katharina lives near Munic...