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ByJennifer Hohensteiner Jan 28, 2020

2020 CZT-Europe Seminars 2020, looking back at 2019

The year 2020 is now underway, which is a nice occasion to look both forward and back. What were last year's main highlights, and what will t...

ByJennifer Hohensteiner Dec 8, 2019

Welcome, new CZTs from CZT-Europe #2!

CZT-Europe #2 on the last day We are delighted to welcome the new CZTs from the second CZT-Europe seminar to our worldwide Zentangle f...

ByJennifer Hohensteiner Oct 20, 2019

With the worldwide Zentangle family at ZenAgainAsia 2019

Ela and I had the good fortune to travel to ZenAgain Asia in Taipei at the beginning of October. For four days, we tangled together with Rick...

ByJennifer Hohensteiner Sep 24, 2019

CZT-Day & Reunion open for registration (again)

We found a larger venue for CZT-Day & Reunion, right around the corner from "our" Hotel Monopol. This special day with Rick, Maria, Molly...