Titel March 2019

Jennifer HohensteinerByJennifer Hohensteiner

Appreciating detail

Hotel Monopol was built in 1905 in a neoclassical style and is a protected historical monument. One of the reasons we are happy to be hosting the 2019 CZT-Europe seminars here is because of the nice architectural and design details that originate from that period. Since I started tangling, I not only notice artistic detail more, I also look at them more closely. I recognize patterns similar to the tangles I use in my Zentangle art, I find potential for new tangles, and I discover new ways of combining patterns. Oh, and sometimes I just admire them!

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Katharina Königsbauer-KolbByKatharina Königsbauer-Kolb

Fun-Project: Tangling UGG Boots

When we sit together as the Conzentric team, we also do a few “fun” projects. Like tangling on Katharina’s UGG boots.

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